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Les thérapeutes
The therapists

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Esther Vos - van Ballegooijen

Born and raised in The Netherlands, I obtained my diploma of Physiotherapy in 2007. France had always attracted me, so after my physiotherapy internship I decided to stay in France and work in a rehabilitation center for 2 years. Very quickly I started to feel my capacities as a physiotherapist were bound to limits and so I started to study Osteopathy in the Netherlands. I continued working as a physiotherapist during the 6 years of studying osteopathy. After obtaining my diploma I joined my husband in our practice in Naaldwijk, The Netherlands.

My passion has always been to work with children and so with the post-graduate courses focused on the little ones, I got all the specific competencies. And ever since it is my biggest joy and pleasure to be able to help a newborn after a difficult birth to give him the best chances, from the very beginning of his life.

Also, for me it is impossible to separate health and nutrition. So to understand better all the biochemical and physiological processes within the human body, I followed a 2 year study of Ortho-molecular therapy.

During all these years my love for France has never faded, so it is with a heart full of joy that I followed my husband to the Gers to build on our common project; helping others finding their health.


Guido Vos

I have lived in the Gers for about 20 years when I decided to start the study for physiotherapist in my country of birth The Netherlands, 4 years later I obtained my diploma. I worked as an physiotherapist in a private practice as well as in a rehabilitation center when I experienced the desire to enlarge my domain of competence and so I started the study Osteopathy of 6 years while I still worked as a physiotherapist.

After achieving this study, I started my own practice together with my wife in The Netherland. During the ten years that followed, I found as much pleasure in working as an osteopath as in polishing my competencies and knowledge by following multiple post-graduate courses, that allowed me to integrate the Embryological Techniques by Frank de Bakker and the Causopractie by Christopher Read based on the Bio-resonance.

I have always kept the desire to come back to live in the Gers. In the summer of 2021 my wife, our three girls and me have moved to Courrensan with the wish to share our knowledge and to be at the service of the residents of our beautiful region.

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