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Our treatments

Our hands are our most precious tools. With our knowledge and experience of the human body, that we acquired during years of physiotherapy and osteopathy practice, we are able to recover and restore the mechanical balance in your body. By mechanical balance, we mean, the totality of all the processes within the human body to make it work as perfect as possible. 

With a very soft palpation, our hands search for areas that show us a different tension compared to the rest of the body.

And so every joint as well as every vertebra of the spine will be tested on its mobility and possibility to articulate with its surrounding tissues. (Illustration)

But for us, the most important is to detect tensions on the level of the organs. A lot of symptoms are felt on the level of the musculoskeletal system (joints, muscles, tendons) but it is very important to know and understand that the digestive system is attached to and supported by the musculoskeletal system. (Illustration)

So the symptoms we experience at the level of our locomotion structures, joints, muscles, tendons may find their origin within the digestive system.

After the physical examination it is very important for us to understand the chain reactions within the body, because only then we can find the source to release the pain and  restore the balance.  

We can compare the human body to a machine with an infinite complexity. The ability to understand its biomechanics makes it possible to ease a lot of pains.

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