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The shoulder consists of the collarbone, the shoulder blades and the upper arm (humerus). It’s a joint with a very wide amplitude which allows the arm to move back and forth, to the side, in front of the body and even to turn inwards and outwards in different positions. When there are tensions and the body is not well balanced and it affects the shoulder mobility, it will cause different types of irritations, tensions, pains and blockage within the shoulder area.
When the problem is not being resolved quickly, it will affect the surrounding tissue like the muscles, tendons and the capsule. During the treatment we need to repair the source of the unbalance in the body, which is often to be found in the cervical spine and neck. Then we follow the muscle chains which often lead us to the abdominal diaphragm and from there to the pelvis.  Only then the shoulder can find its way back to a free and painless movement and restore itself.

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