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Abdominal pains

Abdominal painsare most of the time related to our alimentation and it’s excesses; too much, too fast, too often, too much fat…, the abdomen also reacts highly on stress.

Our organs digest better when our body is at rest, stress does not help them at all. The vagal nerve innervates the digestive system and is thus a big player when it comes to a good digestion. The vagal nerve needs to pass through certain key-zones; the cranial base, the throat, behind the collarbone, and through the diaphragm. These zones are frequently subjected to stress and increased muscle tension and can affect the vagal nerve in his function.

 But also the stomach, the duodenum and parts of the 8 meter long intestine may need to be treated because of induced tension. The digestif system is a very long muscled tube from the mouth to the anus so it is necessary to relieve any tension in order to accomplish a good digestion.

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